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At Chicken kitchen one thing we are all very proud of is being a home grown Canadian brand. Our tender, moist chicken is cut by hand and prepared fresh in our restaurants every day! We start by selecting fresh, whole, local Canadian Grade A chicken, immersing them in our special marinade. We then coat the chicken in our signature seasoned breading and cook it to crispy golden perfection using the highest quality trans fat free Canola oil. Crispy on the outside and mouth melting juicy on the inside we redefined the meaning of local fried chicken.

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Savor Every Bite, Elevate Your Cravings, Experience Unmatched Culinary Bliss

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Elevate your dining with unrivaled freshness, halal assurance, Toronto’s best, and prompt service – your satisfaction, guaranteed

Fresh Perfection

Indulge in unparalleled freshness with our carefully sourced, top-quality chicken, ensuring every bite is a flavourful delight.

Halal Assurance

Savor with confidence – our commitment to 100% halal ingredients guarantees a dining experience rooted in integrity and authenticity.


Toronto's Finest

Elevate your taste journey with the best chicken in Toronto, crafted to perfection and celebrated for its exceptional flavor and quality.


Prompt Service

Experience swift, friendly service – we prioritize your time, ensuring a seamless and satisfying dining adventure with every visit.

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